Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is Croclubs?

    Croclubs is an exclusive NFT collection with a great art style. The collection will drive a P2E game ecosystem and several staking / rewarding mechanisms to its holders. Croclubs is also a community ecosystem that will be hosting clans from our different collections while including metaverse events and exclusive face-to-face events.

  • Question: What platform will it be dropping on?

    The Cronos ecosystem is evolving and there are several platforms for the drop. Hence we are planning to launch on our website, we have the resources and the team for this event. Though our community requests could make this decision change. We are already in contact with major platforms and we will decide the drop platform with the community needs and feedback.

  • Question: When will it be dropping? When is the launch date?

    We are planning to launch at 15th April - 21.00 UTC. You can check the countdown on our website for our minting schedule.

  • Question: How many Croclubs will be minted?

    1500 Croclubs first collection of NFTs will be minted in the first phase of our project. All of our forthcoming phases will have different themes. We would like to create a connected community instead of creating inflation in the NFT market. Creating unique art with a high number of NFTs is challenging. Due to these factors, our first collection supply is very limited. We will release at least 4 collections with 1111 pieces on each. All of them will be aligned with our story to create a gaming ecosystem with unique clubs/clans mechanisms and an interesting game space.

  • Question: Will there be Queue Skipping or Whitelisting?

    No. We believe that whitelisting or queue skipping are tools to mint a high number of collections in the NFT ecosystem. We are creating one of the rarest collections and we do not offer whitelist prices. We will do several giveaways to our community before the mint but we believe all of our future investors need the same amount to invest in our project. Whitelisting also affects the floor price and encourages people to sell their investment on the first day. Our project is a rewarding and P2E ecosystem and we need sustainable floor prices for our investors.

  • Question: How much is the mint price?

    Our mint price will be 250 CRO.

  • Question: Is there a Roadmap?

    We are making a detailed roadmap of our project. There are several pillars of our roadmap: P2E game, holder benefits, community activities and so on. Our roadmap will be proactive and could change depending on the community’s decisions. The NFT ecosystem has different boosters at different times, so we plan to adapt our roadmap accordingly and inform all our holders of the updates. Staking, P2E gaming, farm boosting, royalty share, buyback and burn are all methods and activities you could see in our roadmap. You can check our roadmap on our website and also in the discord channel.

  • Question: What are the benefits of a Croclubs holder?

    We provide several benefits to our holders with different investing strategies.

    If you would like to be a part of our family and community, you might benefit from surprise airdrops and special gifts from our merch.

    If you are a block minter and would like to have a passive income, we will have staking and in-game rewards for you.

    If you are with us for the art & design, you will get a chance to meet with our artist and get a custom avatar.

    If you are here for the flipping only, we are here to convince you to stay & see our upcoming collections. In case you need liquidity, we will also offer our holders unique marketplace selling mechanisms & events that the sellers could benefit from.

    If you are here for giveaways, we will offer exclusive NFTs and real-life benefits for you.

  • Questions: Giving back to the community and charitable donations?

    We will create a sustainable passive income model for our investors and would like to use more than %50 of our resources in-game rewards or staking benefits. Also, we will share a portion of our royalties with the community.

  • Question: Will Croclubs have a rarity ranking system?

    Yes, our NFTs have specific ranks along with different attributes, making some of them incredible.

  • Question: Who are you?

    We Croclubbers are a team of 11, coming from different backgrounds. The management team has been active in crypto for 5 years and has experience in global consulting companies for more than 15 years. Our development, design and community teams will be with you every day for your questions and needs.

  • Question: Why should I mint your collection? What is your difference?

    We are a big team running towards the same goal. We are creating the best P2E game and unique artwork in the Cronos chain. We have team members from all over the world and will offer unique benefits to our holders. Being part of the Croclubs community will be a privilege in the coming months for the Cronos chain. You can find the details of our unique rewarding / staking system in the following updates and Medium articles. The utilities will be related to the game, artwork, new collections, passive income and so on.